Precalculus A Fuctional Approach to Graphing and Problem Solving

Section 4.5: Logarithmic Functions
Links (Click on the underlined link for extra practice with the topic.)

Definition of Logarithm
This site begins with the definition of logarithm, and then discusses the laws of logarithms (© 2002-2007 by Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems):

Practice with Logarithms
Here we practice with the definition of logarithms (©  2002, WTAMU and Kim Peppard):

Logarithmic Function
This presents a nice discussion of logarithmic functions, including an interactive link:

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions as Inverse Functions

Properties of Logarithmic Functions
Take the time to read through all the material on this site (© 1999 Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble):

Jhone Neper
This site refers to Jhone as John Napier (JOC/EFR © April 1998):

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