Precalculus A Fuctional Approach to Graphing and Problem Solving

Section 4.4: Exponential Functions
Problems 1-4
Use your calculator to evaluate these expressions. See Example 7.
Problems 5-12
Use the extended laws of exponents. Be careful about the signs of the terms.
Problems 13-22
See Examples 1 and 2.
Problems 23-26
Use your calculator; see Example 3.
Problems 27-28
See Examples 5 and 6.
Problems 29-30
Use your calculator to help you plot points to graph these functions.
Problems 31-32
These are problems in algebraic simplification. For Problem 31b, algebraically simplify before graphing.
Problems 33-34
See Example 4.
Problem 35
Covert 1 second to a fractional part of a year and then use the formula A = Pert. Then use I = A - P to find I .
Problems 36-39
Use the given formula and a calculator to answer the questions. Round money answers to the nearest cent.
Problems 40-42
Graph the curves by plotting points.
Problems 43-44
Graph the curves by plotting points or using a calculator.
Problems 45-46
Graph the given curve and then use the graph to plot the desired point.
Problems 47-42
Graph these curves by plotting points.

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