Precalculus A Fuctional Approach to Graphing and Problem Solving

Section 4.1: Rational Functions

Problems 1-14
First look at Figure 4.1, and then draw the requested graph as a dilation, compression, reflection, or translation. See Example 3.
Problems 15-24
Simplify the given equation by noting the deleted points. Graph the simplified curve (line) using open circles to denote those deleted points. See Example 1.
Problems 25-32
See Table 4.2 and Example 5. There may also be deleted points, as illustrated in Example 1.
Problems 33-42
Begin with synthetic division to simplify each expression. Note deleted points. See Example 4. Also, see Examples 2 and 3.
Problems 43-44
See Example 5.
Problems 45-48
See Example 6.
Problems 49-54
See Examples 4 and 5.
Problems 55-56
See Example 6.
Problems 57-58
Graph the given function in Quadrant I and find the slope, m, and then find m for the minimum value of the function.
Problems 59-60
See Example 7.
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